Local Band Disclaimer/Agreement

As part of our commitment to make sure our local bands get the best possible shows and opportunity to grow, we like to make sure you play to an audience. As part of this commitment we ask all bands to read our Local Band Disclaimer/Agreement. When you agree to play a show with Lack Love it is understood that you agree to the following terms and conditions of playing a show with us.

1. Ticket Presales
All local bands are asked to help sell tickets to any show you play with us. You want an audience and we don't wanna pay for the venue out of pocket. All our shows are designed to make sure everyone helps including us and that we break even as part of our sister agreement with PJMA Inc. (501c). However with the show being designed to break even that also makes for a larger possibility of our staff paying for an event out of their pocket which is not what anyone wants to do. Here's what we are asking you.. We give you so many presale tickets. You agree as a solo artist to sell at least 5 and as a band sell 15. This is the number per band and artist we need to break even most of the time. You will get a cut for each ticket you sell up to 30 (15 for a solo act) and then any you sell over that you get almost double the cut on it (half the ticket value usually). This makes sure that not only do we have a crowd for you to perform to when everyone brings their fans and friends but also makes sure you get to go home with gas money. In the end of the day music should be fun and no one should have to lose money over playing a local show. We believe as artist ourselves that these are reasonable minimums and are small enough that you will never have to pay out of pocket. If you don't make this mark well we talk about that farther down here.

2. Cancellation
As stated above, our shows are designed to break even. So what happens when one act drops or worse more! Well we end up paying for an event ourselves which isn't fun. So what happens if my band is suppose to play but has to cancel. We ask bands that if you are on a show with us that you let us know at least 25 days prior to the event so we can find a replacement. This gives us time to find another band and keep on track to break even on the event. So what happens if it isn't that far out? If you have to cancel anytime after that due to our commitment to the venues and other bands we ask one of the following. Option 1, the tickets you have sold prior are not refunded and ticket money and remaining tickets are still turned in. Option 2, If you have to refund tickets as a cancellation fee we ask you pay for the face value of 10 tickets for the event. Just because you can't play doesn't mean the show should be ruined for everyone. This helps us make sure we can stay in good standing with the venues and shows your commitment to what we are doing to give you the option to play another event. 
So what if its an emergency?
Well we as artist are understanding that things happen. However this is the music business and you don't see artist cancel very much over anything. The artist you see that you want to be and we want to help you become play when they are sick, when they have vehicle issues and when they are missing out on something big with their families... It is all part of being a musician. The show must go on. Lack Love allows bands to cancel IF someone in the band is unable to perform due to injury or death (hopefully not). We ask while as devastating as it may be this only applies to the band itself. If you have a family related issue please contact us to discuss the situation and we will find the best plan of action. If your mom is sick or is in the hospital with a non life threatening issue.. Chances are you will still be required to perform and fulfill your obligations to us. Tons of artist miss things like this including sometimes the birth of their own children. We are reasonable but again it's your show, your the one gaining fans and playing, so we don't wanna pay out of pocket to cover an event especially if someone in your band can't play cause they forgot they had this going on or that there is this test tomorrow for class and they procrastinated and didn't study. We want you to grow as a band and play great shows.

3. Failure to Fulfill Obligations to Promoter
So you showed up to the event but your band sold 2 tickets.. now what? This is always the toughest spot for any promoter. We want you to play but at that point you are just wasting our time and especially the venues. We ask bands who did not meet minimums to meet a 10 ticket failure agreement. I know it sounds like pay to play now but here is the deal. Most large promoters will ask you to sell a minimum of 30 or more tickets to play, give you terrible cuts and then turn around and if you don't meet your minimum you have to pay up to the whole amount and chances are they won't book you again. If you fulfill our 10 ticket failure agreement with us, everyone is happy and you can play any show in the future and we will still give you your cut. However if you are unwilling to do this out of respect to the venue and ourselves we ask that you leave the venue and unfortunately you will not get offered any more events with us. This sounds harsh but do the math.. Okay 15 tickets, 4 - 5 guys in a band. So each of you have a parent or guardian you can sell too. (Drew is 25 and his mom still buys tickets and hasn't come to a single event cause its too loud). So there is 1 ticket per person. Okay so now you more than likely have a significant other and/or a few best friends or friends you can sell too. Okay so now each person in the band has sold 3 - 4 tickets.... Now your little 4 - 5 piece band has 12 - 16 tickets and you each only sold 3 or 4. Everyone knows at least 3 or 4 people who will buy a ticket. Even if they don't come they will do it to support you. Again easy to do and able to keep you from having to pay any money out of pocket.
So my band sold 12 the day of the show? 
No sweat we try to make our method as little pay to play as possible to be artist friendly. If you are within the ball park of our minimum we will say go set up. We won't ask you to pay up to the 15 cause you have somewhere near what we needed you to sell so we are happy. 
So your band doesn't show up or answer our calls or tell us why... This is the worst situation for us. At this point we now have to track you down everywhere to fulfill the 10 ticket agreement and will sometimes, depending on outcome of the event, will have to charge late fees for not answering us. Just cause you didn't come or talk to us doesn't mean you are out of your show commitment. We are a business, The venue is a business and we have to deal with all kinds of legal stuff like paying taxes and other things which means legally you have to fulfill your commitment to us. Just cause you didn't show up or have the respect to call us doesn't mean these things disappear which means we just can't let your commitment by agreeing to a show disappear. Again this is the worse possible scenario and we generally never see these situation however it is what it is. 

4. Commitment to the Venue
We work with a lot of different venues. We ask that every band or artist that plays our events respect the space we are in. If something gets broken out of carelessness or misuse, you will be responsible to the venue to fix or replace anything that is broken, stolen, missing or defaced. Lack Love will not cover any of these events with the venue for you. You break it, You buy it. The venues are opening their doors to us to give you the opportunity to play so many different places and work in a nice, safe and clean space. We just ask for your cooperation with us to keep everything neat and tidy, and in turn keep the venue happy.

5. Day of Show Schedule
Lineups are based on working history with Lack Love and on how your ticket sales are going. We spread the lineup to make sure we have people at the event the whole time to watch every band. IF something happens and you need to change your time slot this is not an issue. We would rather change your time slot than have a band cancel and have to deal with that. We can adjust slots up to the day of the event no problem but do ask if you are going to need it changed that you let us know ahead of time. 
Load in time is set generally 1 - 2 hours prior to doors opening. This is to ensure that everyone is in the venue and all your gear is inside before people show up and you have to drag gear through the audience. This also makes it easier on us so we don't have to start calling you to find where you are at. IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE LATE... please let us know immediately so we can plan accordingly.. again we would rather have you show up a little late than cancel in general.
Each venue has a curfew for what time we need to be cleaned up and out of the room. We ask that bands and artist respect this time and be courteous of this to make sure you have everything packed up and out of the venue by this time or as close to it as you can. We understand sometimes shows run late as do the venues so we are flexible with this but still ask this time be our goal and respected.

6. Stage Time
We ask each band be set up and ready to play at their slotted time and that you do not go over your slotted time. We are flexible a bit with this as we know sometimes things take longer or run behind. We will generally keep an eye on time and will let you play a bit longer if you have one more song to go. We ask while on stage you do not cause any fights in the audience or encourage them to do destructive things, defame or otherwise slander Lack Love or the Venue as well as any other bands or artist on the show that night. If you have beef keep it away. This is a fun space for everyone and doesn't matter who hates who on stage no one needs to know nor do they care.

7. Book an Event
So you read all this but you're not on a show with us, so how do I get on one? Send us an email at lackloveproductions@gmail.com and tell us when you want to play. If we see potential in the event we will get you all set up. Be specific as possible. (i.e. My band would like to do an event on this day, we would love if these other local acts could play or we have already found a few bands to play with us and here is their info, We would like if ticket prices were this and we will need enough room for so many people.) This gives us all the basics to understand what you wanna do and begin to put everything together and get you set up.

8. Online Ticket Sales *new*
We have recently added online ticketing done via this website to add convince and ease to not only bands and artist but ourselves to sell tickets. With this we are able to create email list of people who may be interested in other events as well as the ability to sell tickets with the smallest fee possible. All our online sales are sold for the same price as if you bought a normal ticket. There is a 3% fee to pay the credit card company to take the payment. The ticket ordering form has a box labeled "Who are you coming to see?". When people order tickets and fill out this box it helps us know who told this person about the event and we can credit that to your ticket sales so you still get your cut even though it was sold online. As a note we create a list of names for the door person at the venue so we know who bought the tickets and how many they ordered. All your friends and fans have to do is bring a form of ID along that matches the name on the ticket order to verify it is their order and they are all set. 

9. Promoter Cancels event or Inclement Weather
So what happens if we cancel the event? Well at that point all tickets are refunded and we deal with the venue and making sure they are all covered so we can still work with them. We can cancel an event for many reasons but generally have never had to in our 8 year history. Most of the time we will only cancel if ticket sales are so bad it is easier to pay cancellation fees to the venue then to put the event on and waste everyones time. Again this generally never happens but it can. 
So I we just had a flood or blizzard or some type of crazy weather. Is the event still happening? This is usually a call the day of the event. We base this call on road conditions, traffic, ease of access to the venue and general public safety. This decision is made between ourselves and the venue(s) the day of and is generally discussed or looked into. So what happens if it is so bad weather wise we have to cancel? Generally on a weather cancellation we will reschedule the event and any tickets sold for that event are honored at the reschedule date. However if the venue and ourselves feel the event can still happen we will let you know immediately and expect you to still fulfill your commitments and obligations to us. 

10. National Artist Shows
So you want to open for a big national act? Well this is how it happens. Generally bigger national act shows, we will have higher ticket minimums. So what does that mean for you? If we have seen over a few events that you have been meeting minimums no problem then you are probably in good shape to get a slot. If your band has only been paying to meet the 10 ticket fulfillment all the time or canceling a lot, you probably won't get a slot as with these events we can't have anything but 100% best. Most of the time we will offer these shows to bands and not except inquiries to play on them. However there are times that we do need acts to play cause we can't find any. So what do I do? Just send an email and if nothing else we will keep it on file for future events that are similar to the one you asked us to be on. If you are selected to play we do ask that you still agree and fulfill all these obligations listed above.

Let's have a good show and get ready to put on more events with you!