Meet Our Team

Meet the Team behind Lack Love and get to know us a bit more


Drew Z.-

The Creator and Director of Lack Love. Drew handles all the booking and event coordinating. Drew also handles all the Audio / Lighting and Installs. He enjoys hockey and pop culture. Outside of Lack Love he is known to musicians as August Winters (His indie punk original music)  and is also the frontman for the popular east coast touring cover band SouthPaw.



The Man behind the Curtain. Fred is the Director of Power Jam Music Alliance and is the business end of Lack Love. Fred enjoys skiing, playing bass and traveling the world.



Dan is the newest member of the team. He handles all things Pittsburgh for Lack Love. From running to shows to helping set them up and give support. Dan enjoys a good coffee every morning and is the lead vocalist and guitarist of VictoriaDrive,


Kenzie O.

No association to Ozzy, Kenzie is the photographer and administrative support. She handles everything from tickets, to finances at shows and at the shop. She knows everything about Batman and is obsessed with cats. 


Zach is the unsung member of Lack Love. While he has his own booking life in Maryland he also helps Lack Love with our Maryland shows. He assist with band coordinations in Maryland as well as works on Park Rock Fest. Zach is also an active touring musician as well.